Color work: CONQUERED!

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Do you remember in January, when I asked you to set some knitting goals?

I wanted to learn color work, and to get a better handle on the holidays. Well, look what I did:

unknown unknown_2 unknown_1


This is Kate Atherley’s pattern, Cherry Fizz Hat available on our favorite site Ravelry.  If you like, we can sell it to you in our store, where we will PRINT you a copy, E-MAIL you a copy, and SEND it to your Ravelry library for safe keeping, provided you know your Ravelry id.

Cherry Fizz Hat is charted and easy to read.  I really loved the predictability of the color which I noticed as I got a few rows in.  I think my tension still could be improved but I really loved color work and I think you should try it as well.

I knit this with Kenzie,  which has a bit of alpaca, for those of you who have been asking for alpaca.  This yarn has a lovely halo even as you knit, and it is super soft.  I think this yarn is PERFECT for your first color work.

Here are a few other colors I think would go well together:

unknown_4 unknown_5 unknown_3


Of course, the fun of color work is CHOOSING the colors, so you can go wild.

We also recommend Debbie Bliss BFL for color work and it comes in such a nice rainbow of colors.



Don’t forget, Heather used Savannah for her mitts, and they are lovely as well.

IMG_1006 Fiber Company Savannah

Are you working toward your goals?  Need a hand?  You know we offer a full calendar of classes but you can always take a private lesson where YOU choose the skill.

In the interest of honesty, I have started my holiday knitting, but even my modest goal of completing ONE thing each month has failed so far…

I still have hope!

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