Summer Weaving Fun

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Have you been watching the summer calender?  It’s chock FULL of educational fun for all ages.

The Zoom Loom club is great for those long, hot, rainy summer days when you think the kids have had enough electronics.

We have several adorable kits so kids can make their very own stuffed friends.  Making things themselves gives a sense of accomplishment, success, and confidence as well as practice following directions.  Who doesn’t need more of that?  (I know I could use more practice in that area.)


Zoom Looms offer a variety of projects besides the stuffed animals or coasters.  Several Zoom Loom squares can be attached together to make bags, eyeglass/electronic protector, placemats, or even blankets for the ambitious weaver.

JJ has been using the Zooey linen to make dish scrubbies.  I’d do dishes all day if I had a couple of these. Not really, but I might enjoy the chore a bit more.  Those with a business mind could set up a dish scrubbie stand instead of a lemonade stand.  Think of the business opportunities!

IMG_1625 IMG_1624

Let’s channel kids’ energy, have fun, and sneak in some life skills as well.  Come on into the shop and we’ll get you set for summer fun!