CustomFit at Kid Ewe Knot

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What is CustomFit?

Basically, brilliant. Seriously. Amy Herzog has written many books if you would like to customize your own sweater, we have them in stock. She has also developed an amazing digital tool that generates all of the numbers for us. cooool. And it keeps getting better as she has developed new patterns for it over the last few years.

I was skeptical. I admit it. It just seemed like extra effort for what I didn’t trust to be a superior outcome.

Boy, was I wrong. So wrong.

Well, it is “extra” effort, that is true. But not really extra because I was supposed to have been measuring and swatching before starting every project all along. That is the first key for a superior outcome.

I feel the need to defend myself- I did check gauge as I went along on a big project and I did pick a size that would give me a predictable fit for each sweater that I knit. And I was pretty content. But what this method of sizing does is give you predictable fit not only in the bust, but also in the shoulders and the waist and the hips. I don’t know about you, but I am surely not standard when it comes to sizing in those three areas combined. So, while I felt that I created garments that I could wear and that were well made, I didn’t always create a garment that was flattering in all ways. Until now. Nothing has ever fit the way my new cardigan does.

This is Ketch. The pattern that I customized.  You can check out the selection HERE or in shop we have a binder for you to browse. Basic to elaborate, something for everyone.

CustomFit at Kid Ewe Knot

How do we do CustomFit for you? You have options.

    1. Take a Class. CustomFit Sweater Class begins June 15. 4 class times over 6 weeks. You will swatch, get measured, pick your pattern and then knit it! We will help you understand your swatch, decipher the pattern and techniques necessary for your most fabulous garment to date. Sign up HERE
    2. Just the Measurements. We offer CustomFit Measurements appointments. Scheduled at your convenience, to get accurate (more than 20!) measurements. Swatch measurements are included in this appointment type as well. I added a few spots to the calendar, Sign Up Here. You can always call or stop in the shop to schedule a time best for you.
    3. Just the pattern. Perfect if you already have your measurements in our system or if you would like to use standard sizing charts to create your pattern.

You will also receive a folder to keep track of your pattern and other useful information.

So, pick a yarn you love that will make a great fabric. Then, knit your next favorite sweater! It is that easy.