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12 Days of Christmas in July – Day 11

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Here’s a quick tip for anyone who lost the label for their yarn and needs to know which needle to use.

A simple way to estimate the best needle size is to double a length of your yarn, twisting it slightly (bottom picture) and measure against a needle gauge. The hole that is nicely covered is a good needle to try!
It also works for multi standing yarns. This is when I use it most. Holding the yarns, gently twist and fold to double. In the top photo, you can see that I would start with a 10.5 holding these two DK weight yarns together.

Just think of all the stash busting you can do with this helpful hint! Grab 2, 3, 4 coordinated yarns, cast on 60 – 100 stitches and knit an ooak One Row Cowl! (Pattern in shop) unique and fabulous!

Happy holiday-gift-making!

 christmas in july