Charity Knitting Project! Knit for the Babies

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This initiative, CLICK, came to my attention, like all good things, through social media. It is being implemented in several states, but not Pennsylvania. So, lets love on some Oklahoma babies! As we Knit and Crochet hats, I think it is a very nice way to raise awareness of a very important topic in normal child development.

Purple Hat Knit a Long (Yes, Crochet is great, too!) will be Sunday afternoons from 1-3 at Kid Ewe Knot. Watch for updates and additional events to be added to the calendar, this is a good excuse to have some fun while crafting some good!

Yes, we are now open NOON til 4PM every Sunday, August – March!

We will accept donations of appropriate yarns for the hat knitting, specs can be found HERE. Purple, please. Partial skeins are great.

Hats must be returned to Kid Ewe Knot by Sept 17, 2017 so that we can package and send them off before the deadline of Oct 1.

Here is more information about the project.

“CLICK for Babies is a grassroots public education campaign partnership between the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and OSDH. The name comes from the well-known “clicking” sound that knitters make with their needles.

The goal of the Oklahoma campaign is to create awareness of the Period of PURPLE Crying to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome. The Click campaign involves recruiting knitters to make purple colored baby caps. The caps are collected and then distributed to birthing hospitals and public health units where they are distributed to families with their copy of the PURPLE program through the months of November and December.”

Information about Hat Sizing is HERE.

Need a few patterns to keep it interesting? Click on a picture below to find one!

Also, you can refer to another post I did about charity knitting baby hats.