Brrrrr…Blanket Season Is Coming!

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Blanket season is coming up fast!!

Here at Kid Ewe Knot, we know you all love to see when we get new bits and bobbles in, and these blanket kits are no exception!

We know not everyone likes the same yarn, or pattern, or even needles to make their projects, so why only give you one choice for a blanket! We have so many options for you to make, you may even need to take two home just to decide later.

Luxury for a Super Special Gift

Alp Oriental Close-up
Alp Oriental Yarn Samples

Firstly, we have one of our newest kits in shop. It’s called “Alp Oriental Afghan”. These pictures show you all the colors we have in stock of the Alp Oriental yarn. Yes! We actually have all five different colors.

Do you want to know another little secret? Of course you do! Don’t tell anyone, but we’re putting two patterns in the kit with the yarns.

“What?! TWO patterns?” You’re probably saying. But you read that right!

We’re including a pattern for a version of the blanket that only requires three skeins of the yarn. So that way you can make one for you and one for your significant other, or one for you and one for someone you just met but have a REALLY good feeling about. Either way, you can make two smaller blankets from one kit!

Now, if that were all, it’d be impressive, but we’re also throwing in a version of the blanket that will take all six balls of yarn included in the kit.

Once you feel and see this yarn, you may be tempted to just make a larger size and keep it for yourself.

We don’t judge, it is almost too nice to give away, so why even try?

Classic in Crochet

Vintage Crochet Afghan

And just to show you that we’re not “knit-clusive”, we even have an example of a crocheted afghan. This one, named “Vintage Crochet Afghan” by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, is done in five different colors.

BUT why limit yourself to just basic colors? Craig decided to include a few other examples in sets of five from our collection of Encore worsted weight yarns. The example on the right shows some of their tweed line. If you look along the left, those ones show their “sparkly” yarns from the Encore Starz line, and when we say sparkly, we mean it has little bits of shiny pieces woven into the yarn itself. And finally, along the bottom we have the colorful colors that made up the example pictured; so you’re seeing the red, orange, yellow, green and navy for the original.

Whichever way you decide you want to make it, you do need two skeins of each color, but if you haven’t been in to see us lately, we do have a veritable rainbow of colors to choose from as well.

An Heirloom in the Making

For another crocheted option, Sandy was so excited when she saw this kit come in. It’s named “Indian Roses Blanket”. We have kits that include ALL the yarn you need to make the blanket.

It is done in motifs and then joined together to make it into a semi-Granny-square-esque style. But the roses and the colors give the blanket a wonderfully vintage twist with a modern yarn.

The kit is made by West Yorkshire Spinners, and everything you need, other than your crochet hooks are included in the bag.

Babies LOVE This One, and So Does MOM!

Quick & Cuddly Colorful Baby Blanket

Up next; we have had many people recently come in and ask us for something to make for a baby that someone in their lives is expecting. Outside of knitting or crocheting them a onesie, cardigan, or socks; why not make our cute, cuddly, and colorful baby blanket.

The sample pictured above is done in the “Cuddly Stripe Variation” from the kit we have already put together already for you to just grab and get started today. Each kit has all the yarn you need to make that version or even try the other variation called “Quick & Cuddly Colorful” that we have in the kit for you as a little bonus.

We’re just nice like that!

Jumbo (7) Satisfaction

Aput Blanket

In case you may be thinking to yourself: “Why are all these blankets made out of these small weight yarns?” Stop thinking that right now!

The blanket above is called “Aput Blanket” on Ravelry. And of all things, it is made from our largest yarn in shop, “Macro” by Berroco Yarn. If you were wondering, it is just as squishy in person as it looks online. Done in a simple garter stitch, you knit until you run out of one color and attach another.  It’s just that easy.

The colors along the bottom give you some idea of the options you have to make it. We have plenty of other colors too, so the options are only limited by your imagination.

There’s Nothing Like Wool

Vertical Stripe Blanket

And for our finale; we have one of our favorite yarns to make a luxurious blanket. It’s called “Vertical Stripe Blanket”. We do have one kit left in the greens you see pictured on the left. But if you want to make it in other colors, we included some examples we thought went well together. We would say that we really like this yarn, but that might be an understatement. The fiber is just exciting to work with, the colors go so well with so many decors that even the hard-to-shop for people on your list would like a version of this blanket to cuddle up with on those chilly nights.

Don’t wait too long to come and see us for these blanket ideas, the cold weather comes and goes so quick in the area, you might get at least one done before the first snow flakes fall.