Charity Knitting Project! Knit for the Babies

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This initiative, CLICK, came to my attention, like all good things, through social media. It is being implemented in several states, but not Pennsylvania. So, lets love on some Oklahoma babies! As we Knit and Crochet hats, I think it is a very nice way to raise awareness of a very important topic in normal […]

CustomFit at Kid Ewe Knot

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What is CustomFit? Basically, brilliant. Seriously. Amy Herzog has written many books if you would like to customize your own sweater, we have them in stock. She has also developed an amazing digital tool that generates all of the numbers for us. cooool. And it keeps getting better as she has developed new patterns for […]

Last Week for Susan B Anderson Trunk Show!

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Have you seen the absolutely adorable animals that are inhabiting the shop? Beyond our usual assortment of sheep and bears, we have an Owl, a Fox, a Squirrel, a Milk Cow, an Elephant and more enchanting us with cuteness! A regular menagerie of hug-able fun. We have a variety of yarns that are appropriate for […]

New Hours!

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Yes, we have updated our hours. And I know that it is annoying when a business changes her hours. Here’s why we did it. It makes the most sense to be in shop when You need us to be in shop. We are “closing” earlier on Tuesdays and adding more evening classes both Tuesdays and […]