Back To School Reading List

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Back to school means back to schedules, back to assignments, back to reading. But reading doesn’t have to be A Tale of Two Cities or War and Peace. How about some of these fun titles? All are available in shop for your immediate enjoyment!   [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”1″ gal_title=”Reading list”]    

Organized Stash

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So, my boys are 18 months apart. Eldest will be (gasp) 15 next month. Middle child, “Junior Associate,” is 13 1/2. Until very recently, they have always wanted to share a room. When I would suggest otherwise, they would get noisily irate. Things have changed. Beginning in January, I started clearing out my craft/sewing room […]

A Gift for You

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We were able to get a great deal on the Erika Knight Yarns and we passed that deal on to the intrepid shoppers on Small Business Saturday and at our Holiday Open House. But I just love seeing people happy to get a great yarn at a bargain price. And to see those same people […]

Football Widows KAL

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Well, it is Pittsburgh. And we do love our Football and our Local Football Team. But sometimes, it is nice to get out of the living room during the game. If you cannot be at the Stadium, the second best place to be would have to be Kid Ewe Knot! Couple that with Heather’s need […]