Swatching…for fun!

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I know, no one likes to swatch. Anyone read Heather’s story of swatching? Except I LOVE a swatch.  I know…crazy! I like to see the swatch knit up, giving a small clue as to how great the sweater will look when it’s all done.  And it does look good!  After all that knitting, don’t you […]

World’s Best Cake

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So, SOMEBODY recenlty had a birthday.  I won’t mention any names, but her initials are H.E.A.T.H.E.R. I made a little cake to share. Know what that is?  It’s an EMPTY cake dome, because that cake was AMAZING. Super easy to make, but be sure to tell the Birthday Girl that you heard I slaved over […]

Tale of Woe

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Friends, can I tell you a story? Our good friend Kaye stars in this tale. Dear Kaye was knitting away on a lovely, lacy, and sturdy linen shawl, enjoying the pattern so much she was making TWO, in two different colors.  Then one day she did something terrible; she put down her knitting and began to […]