We love seeing new faces in the shop! Here’s a little bit about us so that you know how much we love to work with yarn and that we love to share what we know!


Heather Metzger, Owner

Heather been knitting since 2005.

That was the second time that she took a class and it stuck! Maybe because she really wanted to have warm socks in her new home in Pittsburgh?  Nothing is better than hand-knit socks!

Heather taught herself to crochet in college. This is probably why she is a much better knitter than crocheter! Sandy has done wonders to improve her technique, but Heather still gravitates to dc, ch combinations.

Favorite projects: Socks, Fair Isle, Cables






Carly has been knitting since she was 13, which she loves to brag that is now over half her life.

A continental combination knitter, she loves to break peoples brains with how she knits. Ask her to show you!

Founder of the Knitting Crochet Craft Club while she was a student at Point Park University, Carly loves to connect with all of the knitters she meets. She is our go to Ravelry girl, teaching us all how to get the most out of our Ravelry accounts.

Her favorite yarns are her very own Ms. Knotty Yarns, which she hand-dyes in her kitchen.

Favorite projects: Cables, Fair Isle, and quick hats for the snowy winters!





Mary learned to knit at 4 years old, but became passionate about the craft 25 years ago.

She is an excellent instructor with a gift for making the complex simple to understand.

Her favorite yarn is Alegria by Manos del Uruguay, aptly named because it does give her happiness.

Favorite project: Socks, Cables, and anything new and different.






Sandy is our Crochet instructor.

Patient, kind and modest about her abundant skill; she makes finding where to put that next stitch nearly painless.

Sandy has been knitting since she was a little girl.  She is really left handed, but her grandmother taught her the right handed method.

Sandy loves to knit & crochet everything especially cardigans.

Her favorite yarn is the one she is working on right now… oh, and that one over there, too.





Patti- yes she made the jacket.

Patti has been Knitting since she was 9 years old.

Her Mother taught her to knit (continental) and she was HOOKED! It wasn’t until she met Heather that she discovered a community of knitters and STASHING.

Patti has that gift of project monogamy which we all envy, not just the beautiful things she creates, but how “fast” they get done!

Patti especially loves learning new techniques, so when asked what her favorite kind of project is, she’ll tell you that is like asking her to pick her favorite child!





Craig REALLY loves Maxima.

Chaining was the start of it all.

Craig has been an avid crocheter since he was 8 years old.

Then in 2017 someone told him to learn to knit, and it’s been all she wrote since then.
His favorite style of knitting varies from day to day. Some of his more recent favorites are: Slipped Stiches and Mosaic Knitting.
He is a very big fan of anything and everything Manos del Uruguay, especially “Maxima”.