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Bulky Yarns are my BFF

Bulky yarns are a procrastinating knitters best friend. Whipping up a hat, scarf, or cowl in a chunky weight means it will be done that day. Music to my ears. I always have multiple projects on my needles, and mostly smaller knits. I love to break out my bigger needles and grab a skein of chunky or bulky yarn to… Read more →

Yak Down

With the chill in the air getting all the more real, it’s really time to bundle up. I’ve actually taken my coats out of storage and hung them up. Not truly convinced I’ll be using all of them anytime soon, but the lightweight jackets match so well with many of my scarves and cowls. Not to mention, I love a… Read more →

Spring Knitscene

We did mention this one time before, but have you seen the spring Knitscene?   If you open to one of the early pages, you will see that YOUR  local yarn shop is on the CUTTING edge of spring fashion:   That’s right, we have Viva Glitz, the HOT yarn for spring.  We are down to only a few left,… Read more →

Inspiration strikes!

I think the best thing about the creative envirnoment at Kid Ewe Knot is the inspiration folks get there, and how they pass that inspiration from each of us onto the next. Just look at this totally awesome cowl: i    Each side cool on its own, but folded, makes magic:     It’s full of bits and bobbles and… Read more →

High Fashion

Have you seen Ushuaia yarn at Kid Ewe Knot?  We made it into THIS awesome cowl, (which you can see in the shop) and some of you made one as well.   Then, some of the most clever of you  discovered how to use the scraps…boot toppers, modified from this pattern.   Now you decide: does she look super cool or… Read more →

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