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Hand Model

Ever since we got in THESE kits, I have been in love.  Then Laurie knit one up and OH, HOW ADORABLE ARE THEY! And even though I asked nicely, Heather won’t let us get a baby for the shop. Lucky for us, this little darling came in and was happy to model these cutie fingerless mitts for a baby.  … Read more →

New Yarn!

We have so much new yarn at Kid Ewe Knot! Let me introduce you to only a few. First, our Luxury AIR yarn from New Zealand, made from the fur of a brush tailed possum. Brush tailed possum is an invasive species so buying this super soft yarn is actually a good deed. You can knit one of these, these,… Read more →

Setting Goals

The new year is time to set goals and assess where we are.  We are ready to grow as knitters! Before you set your goals, you might find this little Knitter’s Quiz a fun place to start, either by encouraging your natural tendencies or strengthening weak areas. Kid Ewe Knot is here to help you set and achieve your knitting goals.… Read more →

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