Pom Pom Hat

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Heather recently made this great hat: I love the decrease on the crown.   You can see it looks great from EVERY angle. And Laurie thinks these would be GREAT color choices if you want to make one for yourself.   It’s still cold out, so you can make one up for yourself, or better […]

New Yarn!

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We have so much new yarn at Kid Ewe Knot! Let me introduce you to only a few. First, our Luxury AIR yarn from New Zealand, made from the fur of a brush tailed possum. Brush tailed possum is an invasive species so buying this super soft yarn is actually a good deed. You can […]

Disaster Averted!

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I LOVE Laurie’s Weirdness (the colorway), and I have a special fondness for Squish (the yarn), so… I made myself a one skein hat:     But, the color and deliciousness of the yarn made me lose my head. I TOTALLY forgot how wool really makes my head itch like crazy.  After about 20 minutes […]